Nat and Mandie

Mt. Hood National Forest, Oregon

February 10, 2019

It couldn’t have been a more perfect day. Portland’s annual Snowmaggedon was supposed to hit and we were all supposed to be snowed in. But it didn’t stop these two beauties. Adventuring up towards Mt. Hood early in the morning, the clouds began to clear, no way does this ever happen but in the movies. 

Nat and Mandie’s love story started in FL while they were co-workers. Being the only two females on the sales floor they instantly connected. Becoming best friends, later leading to Nat kissing Mandie in their Kitchen when they got home a couple years later, sparked the flame that is now eternal. 

I love, love - and I know that everyone always says that. But to truly love - you have to sacrifice some things and that comes form both parties. For Nat she moved away from her family to Portland, Oregon so that Mandie could be by her family since she had lived in other states since going off to college 15+ years ago. Those sacrifices are what make love so special. Not everyone can love, they can, but to truly love someone means that you accept the things that you cannot change and adjust and go with it. Nat and Mandie are the definition of equals - they decide on things together, compromise and love each other so much it was a fucking blast to capture their laughs, jokes and of course freezing their asses off in the 19 degree weather while I am trying to frantically make sure my lease is covered and my fingers are still able to move to click the button.  From the snow to the creeks, rivers and the gorgeous Mt. Hood in the background. I would highly recommend  Mt. Hood for engagements and weddings for anyone that loves adventure, snow and freezing their butts off to make it extra cozy with your significant other!!!


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